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Welcome to Ramsey Editorial Services.

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"Ramsey Editorial provided exceptionally thorough and helpful editing on my article. The suggestions maintained the integrity of all my arguments and ideas, but helped with concision, clarity, and directness. The end result was a ready-to-submit piece that was polished, tightly argued, and very readable."

            —PhD candidate in literature

"John not only edits my language but also engages with the content thoughtfully and with humor. His developmental editing is such a goldmine. ... He includes writing tips with his edits and these have been fun to read while I work on my paper."

            —Postdoc in Sociology

Want to see whether I'm a good fit for your editing needs? I'll edit a small excerpt of your work for free!

Email me between 250 and 750 words and I'll provide you with a sample edit. Be sure to send an attachment in the form of a .docx or .pdf file.

Ramsey Editorial Services offers freelance writing and editing services. I specialize in academic writing, nonfiction, and fiction (for any age).

Are you just starting out or a seasoned writer? Are you writing for an academic press or planning to self-publish?


I will help you polish your manuscript.

Your advocate and ally

What is an editor? Someone who corrects your typos and misspellings? Someone who ensures that your manuscript conforms to a house style?


Yes, editors do those things. We’re more, though. A good editor is the writer’s advocate and ally. I'll help you reach your readers and make their reading experience the best it can be.


Here’s how I can help:

  • About to submit to an academic journal or publisher?

My editing aims for clarity, precision, and concision. I'll help strengthen your prose and argument. Infelicitous language won't distract peer-reviewers and acquisitions editors.

  • Have writer’s block?

Bogged down in the details of your article or book? I’ll provide developmental editing and help you re-envision or restructure the project. (I’ll also help you set attainable milestones, and I'll provide encouragement along the way.)

  • Are you multilingual?

I’ll help you overcome the language barrier to publishing in English. For more information, see this handout.


My goal is to help your writing shine!


Have questions? Contact me!

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