Wherever you are in the writing process, Ramsey Editorial Services can help hone your written work.

Developmental Editing (aka Structural Editing)

I provide an in-depth evaluation of your manuscript with an eye to improving its overall structure and style. I read through your manuscript, taking notes on structure, tone, thesis development, and other elements, and then write up a manuscript evaluation and a revision plan. The benefit: you know the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript and have a comprehensive plan for the next phase of writing.​

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Whether a one-off or ongoing project, I write content for you and your needs. We consult about the topic, length, content, and research requirements. My philosophical background ensures that my writing aims for clarity, precision, and concision. The benefit: you have a commissioned piece of clear writing in a short time frame. (Please note: I will not write your term paper or thesis, though I will help you revise it or edit it.)


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Editing Services

I review your manuscript before you submit it. I provide a line-by-line edit to clean up your text for readability, consistency, and precision, and I edit your text to match any style requirements from the journal or publisher. The benefit: your manuscript is polished, clear, and professional.

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Philosophical Consulting and Other Services

I also offer philosophical consulting. If your manuscript—fiction or nonfiction—engages the philosophical, I can help you deepen its philosophical elements with reference to major thinkers, concepts, or ongoing philosophical debates. The benefit: your writing engages philosophical topics with nuance and depth.


Other services include

  • abstracting

  • beta reading

  • researching


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To meet the needs of clients, Ramsey Editorial Services offers a range of competitive rates. Because the nature of each project differs, please contact me to discuss your particular needs.

Graduate students, volunteer organizations, and others—I recognize that some individuals and organizations work with a very tight budget. I consider flat fees contingent upon prior review of the manuscript, proofs, or project.